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Making the Impossible, Possible

Insulation services in today’s heavy industry sector have become increasingly more complex and demanding. How Crossby Systems Inc. has met these challenges and exceeded expectations is what sets us apart. As a leader in this specialty field, Crossby Systems Inc. has developed the tools and technologies to satisfy the needs of cost effective installation and removal, as well as the increasing demands of environmental acceptability. 

List of Insulation Services:

  • Pipe Insulation – Hot and Cold Services

  • Tank Insulation

  • Vessel Insulation

  • Boiler Insulation

  • Weather Proofing Sealants

  • Penetrating Sealing

  • Cladding of Insulation

  • Suppliers of all Insulation

  • Insulation Consultants

  • Sheet Metal Cladding – Standard and Custom Design

  • Removable Valve Covers – Metal, Aluminum, etc.

  • Removable Valve Covers – Flexible Silicone, etc.

  • Removable Flange Covers – Flexible Silicone, etc.

  • Any Removable Item Requiring Insulation

  • Specialized Insulation Products

  • Cryogenic Pipe and Equipment Insulation

  • Removable Insulation covers

Efficiency and Easy Installation

Crossby Systems Inc. offer a comprehensive pre-engineered line of insulation products and services. This includes insulation for Thermal Acoustic and Cryogenic applications. Our systems are pre-fabricated for user friendly installation. We provide on-site supervision and training for installation.


  • Crossby Systems Inc. has over 60 years experience in design, fabrication and installation of removable systems.

  • Removable systems eliminate the repetitive cycle of removal-repair-reinsulate on high maintenance and/or periodically inspected equipment; resulting in potentially large cost savings over long periods of use.

  • Very flexible systems can wrap around virtually any shape or size, with blankets ranging in thickness of ½” to 10”. We utilize our extensive CAD facilities in development and engineering of custom blankets to your on site specifications.

  • Quick, reliable turnaround on custom blankets with full sales and field support in resupply of existing blankets and “in house” removal training.

Why CS Insulation?: Our Brands
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